Employee Relations

It takes good employee relations for your business to grow and thrive.  Happy employees are more productive, collaborate better and are more loyal to your business and creating that environment where your staff thrives can be a challenge.  The key to a great workplace is transparent communication, performance evaluations and taking into consideration employee opinions and engaging with them.  We can help you build and maintain good employee relations, here are some of the services that can help:

employee relations

Employee Incentive Programs

Maintaining good employee morale is important, it helps with staff retention.  One of the best ways to encourage the best performance from your employees is through incentive programs.  We can help you by looking at the incentive programs offered by your competitors, what should your incentive plan include and how to make it work for you and your employees.

Recognition Programs

Employees don’t leave their company for financial reasons they leave because of a lack of recognition for a job well done.  The onus is on you the employer to promote excellence to your employees and with your clients.  Do you have a current employee recognition program?  Having an “Employee of the Month” or some other recognition program is a great way to build loyalty and motivate your staff.

Employee Feedback

Your staff is more likely to share their opinions and ideas with a third party than they are with your management team.  That is where we come in, we can listen and discover solutions to real problems.

Harassment/Discrimination Claims

As an employer it is your responsibility to look into each and every claim of discrimination or harassment.  Using a third party to conduct the investigation allows it to be both fair and impartial.  Our investigations are thorough and we work closely with your HR department and your legal team if needed.  We put together comprehensive reports that include all of the necessary background information, interviews along with a recommended action.

Gift Programs

Business owners often send out gifts to their most valued clients while overlooking their most valued employees.  Gifts can help you build loyalty and recognized years of dedicated service.  We can help you choose the right gift for the right occasion and this will help inspire employees, which in turn helps your business.  Here are some occasions that can merit a gift.

  • Sales awards
  • Years of service
  • Safety awards
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Holidays

Employee relations are crucial to helping your business grow and thrive.  We can help you not only put together the right team but keep them happy and productive well into the future.