Human Resources Administration

If you want a smoothly run HR department then organization and knowledge are going to be key.  Calgary HR Consultants can help you put together your HR team and teach your staff to be compliant with all provincial and union regulations.  Our team of consultants can step in and manage your HR department while your current manager us unavailable.

Administration and HR Office Setup

Calgary HR Consultants can put together your entire HR department, we make sure that it is compliant and all files including personnel and payroll documents are in order.  Our team have years of experience across a variety of industries in the fields of employee acquisition and employee relations.

Temporary and Permanent Staffing Solutions

If you HR manager will be away from your office for one reason or another, who will be left to cover their responsibilities?  Is your company growing and you simply don’t have the time anymore to manage the responsibilities that go with managing an HR department?  We have a team of dedicated professionals who can “step in” while your current manager is away.

HR is not the only department we can help you with staff coverage.  We can help with other administrative and executive positions in your organization.  With our years of experience across a variety of industries that represent the business community in Calgary, we have placed team members in industries such as oil and gas, hospitality and the financial services industry just to name a few.

We are always here to help you with your staffing needs both urgent and long term.  We can help improve productivity by keeping a high level of skilled professionals that are there for you on an as needed basis.

Record Keeping and Tracking Systems

Human resources comes with a plethora of paperwork that needs to be maintained and kept in perfect order.  Revenue Canada or the Ministry of Labour can demand to see these records at any time and you could face fines or legal action if they are not up to date and complete.  We can put together the right tracking systems to help you keep your files organized and compliant with all regulations.

Your workforce is what makes your business function, a skilled and happy workforce can drive your business to the next level.  A functioning and thriving workforce is fuelled by a well run HR department and we can help you create the right conditions that will drive your business into the future.