Human Resources Consulting – Edmonton , AB

Whatdoes a  HR consultant do?

Human Resources Consulting – Edmonton , AB  assist organizations with human resources-related tasks and projects. They may help with recruiting and hiring, creating employee handbooks and policies, managing employee relations and benefits, and providing training and development opportunities for staff. They may also help organizations with compliance and legal issues related to human resources. In short, they provide guidance, solutions and support to organizations in all aspects of human resources management.

What is the difference between HR and HR consultant?

HR, or human resources, refers to the department or function within a company that handles the management and administration of personnel, including recruiting, hiring, training, and benefits administration. An HR consultant, on the other hand, is an external professional who works with companies to provide advice and support on various HR-related issues. They can help with a range of activities such as talent acquisition, employee engagement, performance management, and compliance with labor laws. They can work on project basis or can be retained on a ongoing basis.

What are the types of human resource consulting?

There are several types of human resource consulting, including:

  1. Organizational development consulting: focuses on improving overall performance and effectiveness of the organization.
  2. Talent management consulting: focuses on identifying, developing, and retaining top talent.
  3. Compensation and benefits consulting: focuses on designing and implementing compensation and benefits plans.
  4. Employee relations consulting: focuses on improving communication and relationships between employees and management.
  5. Diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting: focuses on creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace.
  6. Recruitment and staffing consulting: focuses on identifying and recruiting top talent for an organization.
  7. Training and development consulting: focuses on designing and delivering training programs for employees.
  8. Merger and acquisition consulting: focuses on managing the integration of employees and HR processes during a merger or acquisition.
  9. Compliance and legal consulting: focuses on ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations.
  10. Change management consulting: focuses on helping organizations navigate and implement changes in their operations and structure.

Does you current  HR Consultants have the policies in place to protect your employees and your organization?

HR consultants typically help organizations with various aspects of human resources management, including creating and implementing policies that protect employees and the organization. These policies may include things like anti-discrimination and harassment policies, health and safety policies, and policies related to benefits and compensation. However, the specific policies that an HR consultant will have in place will depend on the consultant’s expertise and the specific needs of the organization they are working with.


Do you have the necessary HR programs in place to effectively attract, retain and manage your workforce in the competitive landscape that is Western Canada?

best practices for HR programs that can be used to effectively attract, retain, and manage employees in Western Canada. These include offering competitive compensation and benefits packages, creating a positive work-life balance, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, and providing opportunities for professional development and growth. Additionally, effective communication, recognition, and support for employee well-being can also play an important role in employee satisfaction and retention.