Where to Go In Calgary

Place to visit in Calgary

Living and working in Calgary Alberta can be lot of fun, when your children and family members can get refreshing weekend outings. Here we introduce you to some of the best places to visit in Calgary for your family. The first among them is naturally the zoo. The others are Inglewood bird sanctuary, Iron Horse Park, Stewart Canyon trail, Bow summit look out, Carburn Park, Elk Island national park, Waterton, Lakes national park, and the jasper national park.

Calgary Zoo

The Creative Feature program at the Karsten Discovery Center in the Calgary Zoo runs for 20 minutes. The kids get exposed to various types of animals and creatures on land and water.  The other notable events are the keeper talk, hippos, animal feeding, and other innovative and entertaining programs.

  • Amur Tigers: The Siberian Amur tigers measure over 11 feet in length and weigh 400 pounds. According to statistical data, there are less than 1,000 of them still surviving. The male is the dominant among them with thick long fur and eight inches X seven inches paw.  The yellow skin with black stripes can protect the species from the severe cold climates of Siberia. The female takes about 110 days for delivering the young cub. They mostly prey on wild boars, deer, water buffalo, and others.
  • Red Pandas: The red panda was brought into the Calgary Zoon for the first time in the year 2016.  Their staple food is bamboo. They also consume birds, eggs and other small mammals.  They grow up to 23 inches in length and weigh 20 pounds. Some sections of the zoologists claim them to be purely herbivores, while the others say they are carnivores. When you go to the Calgary zoo, you can discover.
  • Whooping Crane: The whooping crane is the largest bird you can get to see in North American continent. It is an endangered species which grows to a height of 1.5 meters and has a wing span of 2.3 meters. The average bird weight 16 pounds. You can also find these birds at the Wood buffalo national park. They mostly eat fish and other small water species.

Similarly you can find many other land and water species in the Calgary Zoo that are nearer to the point of extinction. The trained instructors and staffs can take you on a training tour across the zoo and explain about all the species.

Stewart Canyon Trail

The next suggested place in our listing is the Stewart Canyon trail for your family. Lake Minnewanka is the starting point of the trail that runs for 6.6 kilometers. Major attractions of the trail are the wild flowers. Most part of the path is along the banks of Cascade River. There are many picnic tents, rapid water sections, wilderness, bridges, canyons, and other adventures on the way. The Aylmer Pass offers some of the breathtaking views of the natural flora and fauna. The trail can be challenging for your family, but it is never boring. The entire path is absolutely safe and secure from any risks. You may spot a couple of Grizzly near the Aylmer lookout, but they are never dangerous or attacking. The snow covers during winters make the trail more thrilling.

Elk Island national park

The Elk Island national park is located at a distance of 3 hours distance from the main city of Calgary. The key attraction of the park is the Astotin Lake and the various wild species. There are more than 250 bird species in this park. The Elk deer is one of the noted species to inhabit this park. It weights approximately 900 pounds and grows to height of five feet. Best time to see them is during the daytime.

  • Plain Bison: The plain bison is a cool species you can find here at the Elk national park. It weighs 1600 pounds and grows to a height of 3.4 meters. It has a huge head covered with thick furs. The staple food is grass.
  • Wood Bison: The start color difference (brownish compared to the grey plain bison) can differentiate the wood bison. Moreover it has thicker furs all over its body. It is relatively taller than the plain bison with a height of 3.9 meters and heavier with a weight of 1800 pounds. The tail is also relatively longer compared to the plain bison. The other key point of attraction is the hump that is clearly visible from a distance. The staple food is grass.
  • Other Animals: The other animals you get to watch at eh Elk Island national park are the Moose, white tail deer, and the mule deer. Every species has its own unique characteristics and behavioral patterns.

The best way to enjoy your tour through the Elk Island national park is to take the official guided vehicle. The guides know which path to take, when to wait for the animals to show up and when to move towards safety.

Directions From These Locations: The Glencoe Golf & Country Club, Nose Hill Park, Weaselhead Flats, Lake Bonavista, Inglewood, BURNCO

Calgary Family Restaurants

The family restaurants in Calgary are great places to get ice cream pizza, steaks, and the traditional Calgary foods. The local Caesar’s Steakhouse is a great attraction you can find here. The place is known for its beef, cocktails, wine, and other types of meat. The steakhouse started in the year 1972 and it is located at the 110, 10816 Macleod Trail S.E.

The other family restaurants in Calgary are the Saltlik Steakhouse, the Himalayan, Cactus club, and the boogey burgers. The pricing is moderate and the quality and taste are excellent. The Himalayan is the place where you can get to taste Nepalese and Indian foods at great prices. You can try the Aloo Bhareko and the cottage cheese recipes that are great to enjoy. The cactus club offers the complete range of veggie and meat foods from across Canada and the rest of the world. You can enjoy cool cocktails, beer, and wine with your spouse, while your children get to taste the delicious range of ice creams, pizzas and the other traditional Calgary foods.